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12 Nelson St. E., Meaford ON
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Peter Pan, by DuffleBag Theatre

Friday March 16, 2018 2pm

Peter Pan, by DuffleBag Theatre

$25 / $15 plus HST

Recommended ages 4-8 yrs
Show Length: 50 minutes plus Q&A    Show starts at 2pm

Wendy Darling is sad to learn that she’s growing too old to stay in the nursery any longer, and must move to the adult wing of the house. But when an adventurous young boy offers to fly her to Neverland where she can stay young forever, Wendy is catapulted into an adventure filled with magic pixies, charming pirates, and talking trees! As Peter Pan battles his arch-nemesis Captain Hook in DuffleBag Theatre’s fun version of J.M. Barrie’s beloved classic, even grown-ups will feel like kids again!

Presented by Meaford Hall