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Live it Live: Dan Dwoskin of the Honeyrunners

Tuesday July 21, 2020 7:30pm

Live it Live: Dan Dwoskin of the Honeyrunners

Let it burn. It’s the ashes that I admire.” A telling lyric from the title track of The Honeyrunners’ debut album, Everything Is On Fire, up for release Sept 12, 2020 on Gypsy Soul Records. Fronted by singer, songwriter and keys-player Dan Dwoskin, the Toronto band’s first full-length record aims at disrobing our current culture of apathy – a sentiment that everything is on fire with nothing to do but watch. The complex production, arranged by Dwoskin and bandmate Guillermo Subauste, is pinned with lyrical undertones of desperate optimism and a stark reminder of why your presence is needed at times like these. It is a Northern take on Southern roots: hot-blooded and rife with the poetry of heartache. Click to watch a live studio performance of "Those Eyes", a haunting new track from the upcoming

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